We’ve done our best to make giving Online or through the Story Church App easy, and we encourage you to use these tools to help you stay faithful in your giving. You may not be aware, but the church has to pay processing fees and as you can imagine these fees add up.


We encourage our givers to use the 1% option by setting up an Electronic Bank Account Transfer.



Opportunities for charity are everywhere, and there are plenty of credible places to give. In fact, you might think Story Church is just another one of them. But to the Christian, church giving isn’t about charity, it’s about worship.

God instructs us to give regularly, generously and sacrificially out of all that He gives us—all as part of our worship of Him. We are generous because we have a God who has been incredibly generous to us. What an appropriate response to who He is and all He has done…an expression of gratitude, obedience, and reverence: worship.

Proverbs 3:5 "Honor the the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all all your produce.”


When Jesus becomes Lord of our life we live for him, not for ourselves. This is why John the Baptist gladly exclaims, “He must increase, and I must decrease!" One of the primary ways we become stagnant in Jesus increasing is through a lack of missional zeal.

Instead, for Jesus to increase we gladly lay down our love of money for our love of Christ. Then, we find contentment in all things as we trust God, who graciously provides for all of our needs. As he provides, we no longer see money as our comfort, security, or hope, but rather as God's own possession for us to steward in this world.

The best way to steward God's money in this world is to accomplish His mission. At Story Church, we simply see money as “missionary ammunition” to be used for spreading the gospel, giving God glory, and doing good for others. You can participate in God's mission, experience Jesus increasing in you, and glorify God alone as you give to Story Church.




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