The story of God has no beginning and it has no end for God is eternal. God is uncreated, has no bounds, and knows all things. From an overflow of His triune love for Himself, He created. He created everything the eye can see, the nose can smell, the tongue can taste, the ear can hear, and the hand can touch. He created you and He created me. And He created perfectly, because all that He does is perfect. 

He established fellowship with our parents- Adam and Eve. He was their God and they were His people. He gave them Eden as their playground. They were to cultivate, rule over, and enjoy this good creation. Adam and Eve enjoyed fellowship with God and with each other. 

The fellowship and enjoyment would never end as long as Adam and Eve did not break God's commands. Unfortunately, they did. Instead of obeying God, Adam and Eve chose to rebel and sin against God. Fellowship now fractured. No longer was eternal fellowship possible as sin introduced death into the world. 


This kind and generous God did not leave Adam and Eve and their descendants without hope. God the Father sent His Son to rescue His creation from sin and death. The only way for this rescue to be complete was for His Son, Jesus Christ, to accomplish what humanity could not. And Jesus did. 

Where humanity failed to be obedient, Jesus was sufficient. He never sinned. Not even once, though tempted and tried in every way. Our holy God demanded justice. Jesus became our punishment, as He bore humanity's sin and received the wrath of God in our place. Wrath so severe that Jesus died. He laid without life for three days, but death was swallowed up in victory as He rose again. Jesus, God in the flesh, proved Himself triumphant over sin and death. He continues to rule as our victorious and benevolent King.


Today, we can receive this victory through repentance and faith. We acknowledge that like our original parents we have gone astray. We have rejected our Creator. We have run away from Him in rebellion. Yet, in His love He has given us opportunity to return to fellowship with Him. This can only come through Jesus Christ. We must place our hope and trust in Christ alone. Then the marvelous exchange happens: Christ takes our sin and gives us His righteousness. Now when God sees us, He does not see our sin, but sees His Son. Once again He is our God and we are His people: His adopted sons and daughters. Fellowship and enjoyment restored, now and forevermore, with this eternal, without bounds, all-knowing, and beautiful God. 

The heart of the gospel is redemption, and the essence of redemption is the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ
— Charles Spurgeon