The Mission of STory Church Is To KNOW, live, and share the one true story


In our knowing and living the one true story, with our hearts, minds, and hands, we proclaim that story with our mouths. We bring the gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation. This will take place through evangelism, missions, and church planting.


As a family and local church, we center our hearts and minds around the one true story. We encourage one another and grow together in this story. This will take place in our weekly gatherings, home groups, care groups, and training classes.


When we know the one true story with our hearts and minds, we then display it with our hands. This will take place as we serve one another and as we seek peace, justice, and mercy in our families, schools, jobs, and community.

Travis and Katy

Travis and Katy Cunningham

Travis is a fifth generation Californian who was born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga. Katy moved to Rancho Cucamonga during high school. They have been married five years and have two children: Peyton and Owen. Together, they have spent the last five years in Oregon and Texas preparing to plant a church back home. While in Oregon, Travis attended Western Seminary where he graduated with a Master of Divinity. In Texas, Travis has served as a minister on staff at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. Travis and Katy are excited to make the move back to Rancho Cucamonga to plant Story Church.

Stephen and Allison

Stephen and Allison Gordon

Stephen is a fourth generation Californian and grew up in Santa Rosa, California. Allison grew up in Escondido, within the broader San Diego area. Stephen and Allison have been married for 4 years and met while studying at UC Davis. After finishing their degrees, they moved to Texas to prepare for ministry. Stephen attended Dallas Theological Seminary and completed a Master of Theology. Stephen has served as a staff intern with The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas serving in Recovery and Home Groups. Over the past 5 years, Stephen and Allison have been praying about church planting in California and are excited to plant Story Church and minister to the people of Rancho Cucamonga.


THE VISION OF STORY CHURCH IS TO see a gospel movement take place across Inland Empire to the ends of the earth.



The story of consumerism tells us that everything we need is at our fingertips. The story of affluence tells us that money leads to freedom and power. The story of progress tells us that our lives and world will be better with time and technology. The story of secularism tells us there is nothing beyond what we can see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. As much beauty and opportunity as there is, Inland Empire a place in desperate need of a better story, the one true story, the gospel.



We believe the only story that can push back darkness and lead to freedom is the one true story of the gospel. This is the story of the self-emptying Christ who lived for others instead of self. This is the story of freedom that comes not through power but through weakness. This is the story of a generous God who has given of Himself to His people. This is the story of life that is found not in discovering self but in denying self. This is the story of the gospel, and we believe God has called us to tell that story.